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We truly value our patients feedback on their experience with us!

It is already a difficult thing to realize you may need a root canal, implant, eztraction, etc. Yet, Dr. Leung's office staff and Dr. Leung herself, work really hard both personally and professionally to make a tough road a lot easier. A few extractions and a few implants later, I am very relieved to have sought the help Dr. Leung. She is as determined as the patient for a successful outcome; determined, assertive, and aggressive in finding the best possible long-term solution. I'm with her for the long haul. M.Trigueiro 9/20/17

Friday morning I was at work and I had a dentist appointment to have my teeth whitened down the hall from Dr. Leung. Unfortunately one of my old crowns came out and I began to panic. Dr. Ku being my dentist very calmly says there's a really good specialist down the hall let me see if they can fit you in. Not only did they fit me in the doctor and staff made me feel at ease with their hospitality. Dr. Leung with her 23 years experience gave me a few options on what I could do. I'm used to doctors giving you options then sending you out the door, only to have to return to get treatment, this was not the case. After she gave me the options and I choose to do what she recommended, she moved me to another chair and gave the most gentle shots I have ever been given. She finished up in the other room and then moved me to the operating chair. Normally a root canal would take 45 minutes to an hour ( if they are good)... Not Dr. Leung, her precision and ninja like ways had me out of the chair and feeling better with 30 minutes, out the door I went. The office ladies are so nice and fit me in to a early in the week appointment for a follow up. What could've been a ruined Friday and weekend turn into something special to me... being in good hands is one of the best things a person can be, especially when it come to oral surgery and your teeth. Dr. Leung and lovely office ladies THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! W. Garside 8/13/2017

Angela Leung is great! She took the time to explained everything in such detail and how procedures would be done and answered all of my questions and ensured I was ok before starting an operation. P. Ying 7/1/17

Dr. Leung DDS is an excellent dentist. While I can't say having a dental implant is my favorite thing to do, DR Leung takes the time to carefully explain the procedure and to insure that the patient is as comfortable as possible. I came away with a great result and highly recommend her and her staff. J. Sturges 4/3/17

Dr Leung loves her profession (and her cats) and it shows. Always in a positive mood and very personable. Her staff is wonderful and the new digs are happenin' ! I've had a number of surgeries and implants and it has been restively pain free. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Angela Leung and her great staff. D. Cherry 5/24/17

Hands down I can be confident to recommend Dr. Angela Leung to anyone. She is a great Endodontist and oral implantologist. I first met her when I had to have a root canal for one of my teeth back in 2009. I picked her because I read she was Diamond Certified and to me that means the best. Also her office is very convenient. It is right next to Stonestown Mall so it is easy to get to and easy to park.
Her staff is great, they make you feel at home and even explain to you insurance costs. What I like about Dr. Leung she is very upfront and straightforward. She does not sugarcoat anything and gives you options for the procedures you have. She also tells you of the complications of the procedure in my case, my wisdom tooth was sitting right on top of a nerve and I was very scared because she said I may experience numbness. There was an option to do a root canal on the wisdom tooth or an extraction. Because I trust her I opted to just extract the tooth. I have no numbness. The procedure was easy and painless. She did an excellent job. She constantly follows up to see how I am doing and making sure I am alright. Aside from being capable, she is very friendly and makes you comfortable and at ease. She is very personable, and makes you laugh so it makes me less nervous about the procedure. She also explains ways we can save on cost which is great. Her office is pleasant and cozy. I am scheduled to see her to put a dental implant and I am confident she will do a great job. She is also very accommodating because I can only see her after office hours so she is considerate to schedule my appointments later in the day. She is a great Endodontist, deserves a perfect 5 star rating. Awesome as awesome can get! Maria M. Yelp Elite 8/5/2015

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